Friday, November 30, 2012

animation test

5 43 am

so here is latest updates, i have been screwed by animation test given to me by backbone entertaiment,  acrtually they screw up so in end i screwed up, story is liek this, they gave me 5 days to do animation test so they watned me install plug in for maya, to generate character rigs, but the plug in is fail therefore delay my test, next they asked me to use andy rig for my test, that test is walk cycle, run cycle, weight lift and acting with dialogue.

the person that give me this test is come from institution that is opposite of my interest, majoring in industrial design not from animation background. anyway screw it, i kena finish run cycle today then i can continue to weight lifting, i got 1 goal rite now, finished everything by monday and refine on monday so I can submit by monday around like 3 or 4 pm.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

continue wip

6 18 am, i got insomnia, haih, so here is updates, i scuess to go for backboe entertaiment interview, frogtale interview not a sucess neither is art test sucess, i was told during interview at backbone i will get a animation test and animation test I did get, their briefing was to create a simple animation with dialogue of like more than 3 characters, wow normally 1 character is enough dy and they wanted me animate like more than 5 characters in the animatic, sohai wei.

next was I experienced a technical problem where they send me a plugin on dl and i can install but cannot load the plug in, cham wei, havd to email them and update them on wat I managed to fix and what i cannot fix, that's for now, waiting their reply, next was I called up fly studio and then asked about the start up programme, they told me i missed it jor and I have to apply again after chinese new year at march.

talk about waiting long but good opportunity to work on my short trailer. so i got updates, picture above is latest wip on my japanese house, i think that is roughly the final models i added unless wann put in some more stuff, then call it a day and uv unwrap everything, lighting is almost there, this piece of environment is a test for my next short animation, how i will light and texture for next animation.

i will call it night for now, i'm very sleepy and need alot of rest after reformatting my pc, reinstall my software and did more work, 2moro have to get backbone entertaiment reply and prepare for some serious shit over delay of my animation test.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


almost 3 pm and i woke up at 1 30 pm, take me 2 hours just to warm up anyway today i tot take break from refine all my previous works and just be normal guy for 1 whole day, also will share somethings.

was hangingout at sunway yumcha with old toa classmate then saw my relatives there, join them for dinner and then saw cute moments of my nephew and niece

this work visa i fight so hard to get i new zealand before i graduated, spend 240 dollars on this stupid thing submitted so many things and waisted so much money, in the end i found out that i waisted it ady from the begning because nz is not searching for foreign worker

1 1/2 months after i returned to Subang Jaya, i was went to this place for an interview 

driving on the way back from KL city after interview haha

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


4 14 pm

okei, it's late afternoon and here got some latest updates, i was working on my studio and japanese house past few days, and i got some small work in progress can share here.

japanese house, originally supposed be teahouse but doesn't looks like it, under uvwrap now with small texturing, modelled and texture, light all by me

this is a props and set, textures, lighting and rendering by me, experiment with image based lighting

this is studio improved with shadow line and lighting this time, more improvements to make

tats all today, i will probably finalize tonight, compile artworks 2moro and prepare for thursday interview, gambateh to me

Saturday, November 17, 2012

back to some old work

2 56 pm

i decided to go back to this project i did for my final sem tat time at nz, i modelled and animated a ninja sneak walk in this scene. here i am posting work in progress, it's a small japanese house and i didn't focus too much on model tat time, after looking at ti now i decided i will improve more on how the house will look.

layout the lighting, some texture and uv texture

added more stuff for the roof because i feel it lacking more architecture structure

added more stuff to the background, but i thinking now it kinda looks sucks so maybe i will take it away, now i think its time to uv unwrap again haih.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

more wip

2 18 pm

just back from pyramid after lunch, now i can post more wip in here, i was working on my studio lighting for past few days, and manage make small progress.

removed some props and added new props, but layout still doesn't looks rite

changed the layout again, added more textures and adjust lighting again, make some more small progress, but i the bounce light on one of the ceiling is not correct

fixed the lighting and made proper adjustment this time, the bouncing on the ceiling  more correct now, haih i thinkthink need abit more touch up before can say this is final image.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

studio wip

alrite 11 08 am and here got some updates

other than email my resume(last time to some unexpected company suddenly contact me, i was working on my studio project, still a wip and got so much to change, damn, the lighting still need some more work and change more layout and props

below is the wip image

as you can see, it's brighter than before, i think it still needd more adjustment in some parts for bouncing lights, I taken away the not wat porp it is before and added table drawer, now it look more balance the scale lol, today i will uv unwrap it then texture it, will be a fast job.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


4 42 pm

today morning typing this shitz blog and thinkign wat to share, hm okei i got interview with architecture render company at 3 pm later today and then i will sharing some previous works i have. diu i spend too much time refine works ady.

sorry for arrangement yah, this stupid blog go and screw it up for me diu hai

this is interior render of a studio, i modelled texture and render it, this is wip no.2 i adjust the  lighting becuase it was too dark and flat, too much shadow so i change the color the walls.

this is wip 03 for the interior render, i adjusted the bounce light more because the ceiling are too dark and not enough illuminations,, adjusted the blur of the shadow line and re arrange some of the layout for the interior studio, so now the studio looking abit better than previous shot.

this was the 1st wip for the interior studio, okei the 1st render shot which major problems, simple layout arrangement and lighting also not rite, so i made small changes and render the shot again, decide the time of the day and calculate bounce lights and shadow line. the room is too flat.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

character modeling sharing

4:19 pm, something interesting i share from internet, from this person the name is masahiro ushiyama sharing step by step the process of modeling character until texture and final render is quite nice the sharing. also at the moment i working on something, will share more later

Saturday, November 3, 2012


12 30 pm

okei latest updates, I just been invited to attend another interview, the job for asistant photographer somehwere in Taman Tun so i am supposed to print out some extra photos and maybe my resume along for interview, hell I think I just random select any nice photos from my previous album lah.

another thing is my animation reel, i converted it into a cg art reel instead, have recent failure with interviews, i thinking maybe because of too much specialization so I going be abit flexible, I make it more cg art type reel to be flexible to work wit any next company here.

below is the reel for this end year 2012

i think i put too much effort in the music ady lah, until I listen to the music and not look at my own reel! lol anyway screw it, this reel am sending it to Poly Assets United malaysia, my tutor and friend yong kang used to work there as character animation, i will give it a try, email to them by today or tonite leh. someone at the office there told me i can only get reply in 1 week haih not even sure if true annot.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Feng Zhu sharing

5 30 am in the morning, a open sharing from feng zhu, about career so far in concept art

another update i have is, i take some choice to call up poly assets, and speak with someone the lead artist in the studio there he's name is jie or gee cannot remember, I gave him my name and he says if I were to apply for a job there I need to email over my resume and my reel. so at the moment I am compiling a cg art reel, again, combine of animation, character modeling and maya dynamics.

talk about cg generalist wei, pretty soon I will share it again my reel