Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Egg Story again

2 31 pm

i'm at home typing in this blog after spend few days away from it, hm news updates so far is I'm rejected by all 3 company, eye believe, mirayi and even fly studio, but i was told that egg story need concept artist so I giving it a try.

I spend nearly 4 hours yesterday refining some storyboards, and refine a old piece of painting. link to it is here wow, i think it's been long time i didnt update my gallery, i better not get my hopes too high lah, there have been many rejection lately and many graduate from 2011 until now find it difficult to enter industry, especially anyone who grad for this year.

anyway, latest news is got a storyboard planning now, I share more later lah

Thursday, October 25, 2012

now what?

11 02 pm

my last job interview yesterday i think, and i also took a modeling test, modelled a gun in 1 hour, thats the fastest speed i did in my life lol, wat else can i share, hm, i think thats all lah this week.

ouh and 1 more sharing after so man years of study and some few years of working before i can make a another point, to any artist or art students who are to learn art, i can advise you on this, pleasenever allow your parents to decide where you want to study or want you want to study if they relly never studied art before and have no proper background, if they plan anything for you without even understanding at all just reject wat they say. learn to argue back wit your parents or family members, sometimes wat they tell you can destroy your future and time you used.

reason i sharing this is because, in this time period, things are different from art it was before, parents were sometimes not even started as artist with totally no understanding what they are even talking about and lack any knowledge, they dun even know the meaning of the word art foundation like wat our friends, juniors, seniors and even frends from other competiting college learn during our foundation year. And they are daring to tell you wat to study and where to go.

they can have right to tell you if too expensive and find a cheaper college but logically dun allow them to make decision for you, you can actually understand now I told my family off many times telling them how stupid they are saying things like "I understand how your life is", "Yes i know" or even "I understand how work is", apparently those replies i repeat to them saying they are still stupid and do not listen.

it's very simply logic, macam cooking, anyone can cook relly, they just need to start by cooking rice other than maggie mee, then to frying simple food like vegetable, fish, meat, followed by parwn and finally able to make a dish. unfortunately my family members do not understand this simple logic and that can almost destroy your life ahead.

I'm not saying I am fully,right, but I'm sharing that be sure when to accept oppinion from people who know what they are talking about and those who simple talk stuff and have totally no understanding, very simply actually, a policemen protect and serve the community and does their job, they know their job, when a policitian can just hold a meeting talk cock, and get attention, you dun even know if got any truth coming from their mouth.

yah, just it

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eye believe interview

2 37 am

i was out just now driving to Taman Jaya looking for eye believe office, and I didn't search it properly, i guess i will do it 2moro lah, i burned my works to dvd - r and pritned out my resume, now maybe I can just do my last digital painting. I will find out more during interview 2moro and about their test also

oh yes, i might just upload my latets modeling work here, done my modeling folio now I focus on modeling props and maybe environments

japanese geta shoes

old phone

japanese meal or tea set

hm 2moro might be my last interview in selangor, haih, too bad there isn't alot of cg company around, i think I have to make ends meet

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fly studio and mirayi also eye believe

hello 7 : 03 pm m'sian time

i recently been invited to interview at eyebelieve company at Petaling Jaya, and ask to email my reel and cg art to fly studio and mirayi, i dun think i can attend 3 interview out of 2 so i think chance maybe I will only attend 2 interviews and earn only 1 job.

i also think that I will improve my digital paintings with my animation soon, after I at elast get myself a job. other updates I can put here in some progress on stuff I been modeling to show fly studio and mirayi, below is some of them

a chair i modelled 1 year ago

katana sword, recently modelled only

this organic modeling was done when I was still in industry

this soldier was in my student reel but i add it in anyway

i done everything to email to them all now, nothing else I can do here ady, I think I will attend my last interview wit eyebelieve and then either have reply or dun have. other news is my tutor before yong kang have received animation test from eggstory singapore company here, they give him a dialogue test, haih i previously applied there for animation and didn't make it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loh Wong Loon

its 5:37 pm

I got very sad news, Loh Wong Loon, my character animation lecturer in 2010 for final year, I just received news he passed away from cancer he was fighting for 2 years, its' started from his arms, hen spread to his neck, he went to australia for chemotheraphy but didn't make many progress, he returned home.

he was teaching digital animation department, the animation director and relly did help teach the students, I rely respected him, last time I spoke wit him was 2010 in my character animation class, i still remember that day until now, it was just sad he could not continue to teach me. yong kang came in to help after tat.

I wil find out details about his funeral

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

raining season

its 1 30 pm now at subang

well further updates, today is the day I email off my things to fly studio, eyebelieve, passion again and mirayi, lol i think I email to all my list ady, my only thign to do left is this japanese house I am modeling, i dun have any idea on wat to do next after this. but wat I can do now is share wip of the japanese house I am modeling

so this is the house, very rough lighting rite now, default shading no UV maps no texture, just shadow with environment and props, much later I will add more props and continue share wip

other updtaes is it's raining season now and been raining alot this week, later I will going to wash my laundry and vacuum this house again haih.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


it 12:03 pm i wake up abit later today

hm latest update I got rejected by lemonsky tv, and i got reply from moon fx they asked me to email more stuff to them, sketches and drawings, I had to be sure what to send to them, i take at least 2 days to refine my artwork, but I dun think will have any reply, in fact i didn't expect moon fx to reply me at all.

they ask for industry work but i have no industry work, I could use some industry experience and work again but I got feeling they are getting more strict so in the end either I cannot get any more experience or I am forced not to go for interview anymore.

okei so I got 3 companies down and 5 more to go, I'm going to asume egg story and moon fx will cut soon because when get no reply for long time I won't wait anymore. next is I will just refine previous work and email over to last 3 companies I have in my list, after this i'm not sure wat other option i got.

my last fight

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ubisoft Assasins Creed Embers

hello it's 7:28 pm and I got interesting sharing, i was watching some game video and then I saw this trailer done by something called ubisoft workshop, they made a short animation for assasins creed trailer, is called embers, I dun really know wats its about so I go dl the full animation torrent then I found out it's few years after assasins creed revelations, after ezio retire and when a assasin from china from to find ezio to restore her creed order in china.

below is the trailer

and below here is behind the scenes

now I got next inspiration ady XD

Thursday, October 11, 2012

North Korea, Pyong yang

11:34 pm, i'm was watching a video shared by a friend about north korea, wah lau eh north korea very protective of their country.

it's very different from South Korea, more open to other country and western world.

Job interviews

it's 10:06 pm i'm at home after today's interview for job in animation at lemon sky, I went in there at first thing happen is I got application form, a survey of 5 pages and then something that look like NDA, i heard is non disclosure agreement.

I waited for 1 hr for my interview and then meet this person called Ken Fong, I heard of his name several times in the industry, but never relly met him, 1st impression is he is nice guy, we talked abit and he showed me their company work called Swarm, and their tv series called Buzzy Bee, it's new zealand tv series for children, i think rite now they are searching for modellers probably and not much to animation.

but never mind, i haven't do job interview for long time ady so I can do it again now, hm 1 out of 5 companies down 4 more left for interview only 1 company will accept me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

job interviews

8:49 am, Subang Jaya Selangor

it's early in the morning and I have some good news, local company called Lemon Sky Studio sdn bhd contact me and reply saying they want to interview. i have interview schedule 2moro wit them around 4 pm, aiyoh, i just hope got parking space only and enough money to pay for it.

ever since i come back I been getting calls for job interview, from frame makers creative, Aizo Digital and now Lemon Sky Tv, how come here can so easy get reply for job interview but auckland so hard to get 1 reply for interview. Anyway i dun want to think too much, today I will edit my reel, print out resume and burn my stuff to dvd for interview then tonite drive there and find the location.

i think this is 1 interview out of so many

Monday, October 8, 2012


hello its 5:43 pm and today make some small progress with my animation, I have decided earlier when i wanted to refine it, so today I was doing some animation for nearly 3 hours on it and I can post the progress in here.

here it is

it's still not looking nice yet, maybe I need to adjust the body somemore when it's balancing the weight, after tat I can continue to refine again hm, I plan to bring into my reel and composite all in wednesday, hm I installed COD world at war on my pc because brotherhood play finish ady, soon wont have anymore nice games to play lol, all my games very old one.

okeilah tonite i continue my animation later on also need to call ICLS again, wonder why they taking so long to give me my news for class diu

Saturday, October 6, 2012

whats happening now

it's 11:50 am in the morning, i got some new updates, my maya dynamics from lifeway college, destroy my restaurant is properly refine and rendered ady, now improving the animation test from R&H, after that I can use it for my animation reel. I got another scene from lifeway college, I decide later maybe I can improve on it for now i leave it first

I also finished playing Assasins Creed Brotherhood, is quite nice game, good storyline and side missions, the game soundtracks is also nice, the presentation is fine, i think my only critique is the gameplay, can still be improved some more, next game i want to play is Assasins Creed revelations, I don't want to move to Assasins Creed 3 yet.

i just learn about some new company a few days ago, their name is called eyebelieve sdn bhd, i took some time to explore the website, what they do and see their projects, i will try apply there for internship too haha 家有to myself hehe.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

further updates

it's 1 49 am in midnight and I again got updates, i officially rejected by R&H apprentice test and now am focus on my new reel, so basically am just slowly refining previous lifeway work and my test from R&H. I dunno wat will happen next I will make it as I go lah, this is so far my direction better than nothing, this morning I almost boh idea wat to do now I got direction I am happy ^^ 

below is the final wip for the restaurant I refine

yah I actually taking the effort to make a reel for last time this year, this I will use later to email over the Fly, egg story or even Mariyi, wat happens afta tat will see lah, 2moro around 6 pm I also going my for japanese oral test, so i better remember that. also tat is it for tonite, later I wil have to wake up and continue wit my test

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


harlo, it's 9:16 am in the morning, and I got further updates

1. my animationtest wit RnH was not successful, so I didn;t relly pass 1st test at all, tough lah
2. i'm submitting new wip here for my new reel tat I going to update this year, it's not going to look relly good but it's last time for this year.
3. I have 3 names of companies I will apply for this time of the year,it's going to be one of my last effort so I cannot mess this up

so below is wip of one of the renders for my new reel, it's maya dynamics, and one of my college projects tat time in lifeway, I have to destroy the restaurent, only refine i make is tweak the lighting and give it like midnight mood.

this is 1st wip, the light is too flat so I think of making adjustments

here i got some major progress, it's not so flat anymore, but the shadow direction is wrong! XP still too dark

some minor adjustment now it's more clear the lighting, I can see clearly wat is inside, i confirm to be using this lighting for the final render

was thinking of using mental ray lights for this render actually but may keep crashing everytime i do that and so i got to use software render, which i actually like it better ^^, i think the only thing i like this time is just the lighting and mood i created, hm there also something else I want to share.

I feel like apologising to my family, I told them i wud get a job at International company but I failed to even get the test, i failed to pass even the 1st test, didn't even make it to final test tat is studio test, jeez and I was giving everything i have, now i look at myself I feel so angry.

this is my last effort i going to take, fly studio, egg story and intelture, all 3 companies, if I still failed to able to get a fulltime job and keep it i relly no idea wat to say lol, from auckland until now, it's cannot be possible to fail at home.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


it's 5 39 pm and I'm thinking alot rite now, for past few days I was searching jobs, fb ing and now i decided to work on my reel again, I thinkign adding turntable and a dynamics scene to my reel for reason, this reel of mine I will send to apply for a job at Fly studio and another company the name i actually forgot.

rite now I can share here the playblast

this was previously my college work when I was studying at lifeway college in auckland, now i decided it will be in my reel, the color looks abit wierd but it's preview rite now, in maybe next few days I will be applying some small shaders, maybe some texture and render the shot with some lighting to make it look nicer. i'm thinking in case RnH fail i at least have local company for backup.

i was thinking, in future too what will happen in my life, shall i stay amature forever or shall i take and become supervisor someday? like animation supervisor? working wit some partners i can trust, i think about all that later, rite now, it's time to grow some more.