Thursday, October 11, 2012

Job interviews

it's 10:06 pm i'm at home after today's interview for job in animation at lemon sky, I went in there at first thing happen is I got application form, a survey of 5 pages and then something that look like NDA, i heard is non disclosure agreement.

I waited for 1 hr for my interview and then meet this person called Ken Fong, I heard of his name several times in the industry, but never relly met him, 1st impression is he is nice guy, we talked abit and he showed me their company work called Swarm, and their tv series called Buzzy Bee, it's new zealand tv series for children, i think rite now they are searching for modellers probably and not much to animation.

but never mind, i haven't do job interview for long time ady so I can do it again now, hm 1 out of 5 companies down 4 more left for interview only 1 company will accept me.

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