Tuesday, June 28, 2011

amazing character rig

6 12 pm, Snells bitch, warkworth, I doing my character rigging assessment until bored to death >____<. Isaac got internship at Oktobor Animation (Y) and I am going to stay at Lifeway campus bored to death.

well, I guess my character rigging will keep me busy. below is the image of my rig, very ugly, but wat else can I do wit it. anyway I will just do a normal job wit it after that I will probably create some simple animation wit it. This morning I had mood to do my character rig but this time I feel very tired and lazy. >____<

I guess if my rig got problem I will only be more alert XD. 27th of June was my friend's b'day, she turn 21 years old, I wonder if I return to kl someday I might closer to her than anyone we we slowly get into relationship.

anyway end of writing this evening, just wanan break for 2 hours then return to my amazing stupid rig XP

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the making of Sintel

is 5 10 pm at snells beach and I'm waisting time blogging when I got character rigging assessment XP

but is quite interesting because I got stuff I would like to share, a video about making of Sintell, if anyone watched it already good on you. I just saw it online only and I tot that talking about this short animation is relly good sharing. I'm sure producer, storyteller, writer, film director and animators would like to share about this.

anyway, I will share my rigging example sometime this week, rite now I ended to go back and continue my character rig, below is the picture of my character rig, it's very simple nothing special, simple controller that do nothing special other than the character can move. in the middle of controller construction and maybe by 2moro I can start paint weight dy XD.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Westfield mall albany, event cinema, cars 2

is 3 am here at snells beach, and I'm typing my blog now, I was at Warkworth whole day, well not relly whole day, I'm also at Albany when my classmate Markus hacket invited me to watch movie with him at Westfield shopping mall.

so what movie were we watching? erm it was animation feature, Cars 2 by pixar animation studios! yup, a world known animation company specialising in storytelling in animation, long or short animation film. This time the story about cars was very different, it have a turning point from the start of the movie, the direction of the movie is still the same, it's about cars, racing and the most interesting part was that it shown different cars from around the world, Japan, US, Italy and London. the story had alsoa different twist to it , it have a style like James Bond, you have to watch it to understand, abit hard to explain like dis.

I watched it and I was laughing at some of the jokes, their entire animation work was well done, I relly respect their dynamics team and rigging team, alot of that work was relly die hard core for effects and not easy to achieve. but I still say the storytelling is still fine, not that great but still acceptable, I hope pixar will still do a good job in future if they still do storytelling.

as for me well, my summative for rigging and skinnning, advanced rigging and skinning , hm not so advanced have started, I'm doing character rig for my previous model, I will probably post wip in my blog here start from monday, once again I'm not a rigger, I'm concept artist in training and character animator, I might consider lighting and texture trainee XD.

good news is that some of my classmate asked me to teach him how to digital paint. Well it's good to be able to teach fiends and classmates.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

assasins creed revelations

it's 10 30 pm in evening, i'm at the lab doing some rigging exercise, the exercise equals create a "reverse foot lock" and some spine curve with the multiply divide utilities in maya. I improvised abit and used just connection editor instead, it wasn't working well for me. I'm happy that Don Smith is teaching character rigging, I at least can learn Reverse Foot lock which I supposed to learn las tyear but it was hard to understand so I manage to learn this year. I self learn and try Knee flip.

I will play blast my study of the character rig soon, I didn't want to try hard but since I specializr in character animation I tot I would at least have some small basic in character rigging even if I sucks at it XP

some of my classmates went to Oktobor Animation today for interview for internship, they say they will get call next week about maybe they get the job offer, I wish them all the best! XD

I also want to share an interesting game news here about a popular console game since 2008, assasins creed revelations, I only played assasins creed 1 so I can only play assasins creed 2 after I my course finish on maybe at weekend. below is the trailer, Ezio looks so old dy in this trailer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

dynamics final project

good day! is 4 48 pm here at snells beach, I did not go out today at all, but stay at the labs relax and put up some mroe of my work here, at least to know that I not waisting my time here. the final project I was given here is called summative, exercise here is called formatives

their lessons are normally given in 2 or 3 weeks then final projects start maybe 3rd week!

my final project is given brief is to create dynamic movement for furniture and things in the room, how it react to explosion and shockwave after explosion, it was very hard for me but I learn one thign out of it, never do something I am not ready for but can understand and I can control.

below is the link to the final project

indoor explosion from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

and below is the link to one of the last few exercise I did before I started the final project, it's a brief where I create smoke come out from the chimpney, had to play abit of maya expression to do it.

smoke trail from chien yih tham on Vimeo.

one thing I did about my exercise here is that they need maya expression and not MEL script, mell script to me is more headache! anyway is saturday and I relly want to relax today, dunw an do work except blog like crazy, listen to mp3 and chat on9 wit friends MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

lifeway , School of Media, Don Smith, Advanced Dynamics

10 15 pm, Lifeway College, School of Media, my Dynamics summative, final project is all finished, and I'm relazing haha, just abit maybe play some call of duty later to release stress.

I decide will upload that final project later, is done by a noob like me so go easy yar? news is that now my room mates, Jun Yu from Beijing have moved out of Lifeway course and went to auckland to study management. I'm glad he make that decision because he was not so interested in this course. I will catch up with him 1 year later as long we still meet.

he have left Lu Lu and Qiu Yang Bao behind, no worries, I will take care of them, others news is that my Dynamics lecturer Don Smith is not leaving campus yet, instead I was told he is staying for awhile at Lifeway until August to see if he likes this place.

I got a feeling that this industry will grow properly as long as we have the rite ppl to teach , train and willing to learn from each other. I decided my plan is very simple, be open to learn and improve anytime, be open to other ppl idea that can improve my learning experience, this relly have help me alot.

if Don decide to stay on and teach at Lifeway school of media as a fulltime lecturer, I'm won't be surprised but I am glad for the sake of the students. I won't be here next year haha, I will be on internship.

Friday, June 10, 2011

lifeway , School of Media, Don Smith, Advanced Dynamics blah blah

1 31 pm at Lifeway college after lunch, I straight away come to lab to do work, instead of just waisting time, so here got some stuff of wat happen in my life here so far.

make the explanation this simple lar, my Canadian lecturer, Dom Smith or Don Smith who teaches dynamics and used to teach at Vancouver is senor lecturer here teaching me advanced dynamics, sial man, I am total noob at dynamics. but at least I learning something. I work nearly 5 - 6 hours in a day or maybe 1 whole night to do my work. Good thing is dat I'm not waisting time, spending it learning stuff and typing out this waist of time blog muahahahah!!

well I feel that I should share my stuff here on my blog to show that I'm not waisting my learning time in new zealand that coming here learning something is worth that money. Others news is that Oktobor Animation is making alot of noise they need ppl to help on their project, hm are they that busy? All I can do now is work on my character animation and stay focussed on studies, wait until is the right time then apply for internship after course over.

I also went with Isaac Tan Hai Swee, my junior from DG at toa from dg 91 to make our so called IRD (Inland Department of Revenue) number, last time I sent my application my mail got bounced back to me, all because it's not properly verify, haih hope this time is verified.

update is that David Tsui from Oktobor animation is not returning to teach Post Production at school of media, so they need to cari someone to replace him or we kena learn by ourselves again this time. if I was from Oktobor I will keep David Tsui.

anyway as I keep my word, I will share what I learned at lifeway school of media, in advance dynamics class, exercise 01, foundain

exercise 2 smoke trail

exercise 3 create bullet falling on the ground with impact and bounce to right side of screen using instance settings in maya, and some scripts to do all that crazy animation, gave me a headache just to think maya language

lastly now I have formative to do, will show it later, but working on it now headache, I need to do mroe shopping later, RAGE!