Tuesday, June 28, 2011

amazing character rig

6 12 pm, Snells bitch, warkworth, I doing my character rigging assessment until bored to death >____<. Isaac got internship at Oktobor Animation (Y) and I am going to stay at Lifeway campus bored to death.

well, I guess my character rigging will keep me busy. below is the image of my rig, very ugly, but wat else can I do wit it. anyway I will just do a normal job wit it after that I will probably create some simple animation wit it. This morning I had mood to do my character rig but this time I feel very tired and lazy. >____<

I guess if my rig got problem I will only be more alert XD. 27th of June was my friend's b'day, she turn 21 years old, I wonder if I return to kl someday I might closer to her than anyone we we slowly get into relationship.

anyway end of writing this evening, just wanan break for 2 hours then return to my amazing stupid rig XP

1 comment:

Randize said...

some romantic going on.. haha

are you soloing on the project?