Monday, February 13, 2017


here is latest updates after sometime

1. Went to Osaka Japan, my 2nd time at Japan, and first time in Osaka.
2. I had an offer from Crave Asia, i told them i got hospitalized and 2moro i have to meet with their boss, not sound too good.
3. Another interview for friday with this company at paradigm mall.
4.  still have not contact WAU animation yet. feel like wait abit more, i should have emailed them yesterday.

honestly, i can't make anymore reasons. don't go 2moro and i already considered as risk everything. im really not thinking of going 2moro at all and i'm not sure why i forcing myself to go at first place, i can't pretend to sick when i just recovering. anyway, i have until midnight to think if i wish to go 2moro, 

don't go = don't ever contact crave asia again, pick up their call or even go near the office.
go = be ready for scolded, question even insulted and maybe more to come.
point is i'm only be there to see their boss and i dont know what will happe other than that.