Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rhythm and Hues closed down and VFX industry protest

8 05 pm

at home typing in my blog again, this time is more highlighted news, R&H employee was protesting that they did not get paid for theor job on Life of Pi and many of the vfx artist are released from there, most of them are 45- 50 years old, no salary, insurance or social benefits or even health benefits, worse situation than me. I was thinking before how it was to work in US if ever get the chance, but i never expected work ethic like this. in country where it's land of the free and law that defend it owns people. No one would think US got this kind of things happen, not even their own citizen but somehow now it's real.

other updates are, Fly Studio confirmed that email my stuff to sp@Fly and their start up programem are only begin in April this year haha not next year. I hope ex employee or R&H would able to find themselve maybe freelance or part time job for now to survive there until they can find better spot and someday, pay those hollywood bugger back the same way. if same thing happen here, I'm going to take a step forward and deal with this arrogant and non ethical people straight away.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


10 18 pm

back home in subang jaya, a few days after silver ant didn't want to interview me later and reply from codemaster saying i only qualify for their CAP trainee programme maybe many months later. i not sure whether shud wait that long or not. even if i tried to apply and model new stuffs i can get rejected again.

anyway i just want to share some new stuff i making, it's concept for a new environment with set, the concept idea is called alien world, the idea came to me only after thinking so many times, their world is similar to our human world, except they are more advanced in technology, thinking, brain power and and more abilityies humans dun have, their dna structure is also unique that we are not on same level with them, their world is very different from us but they galaxy and planet lacking the sufficient resources to allow them to stay alive, have stronger economy, trade and survive, so they discovered more resources from earth in out galaxy, so they make plans to migrate to earth and make us of our resources.

bottom on the page, exploring the designs for alien navigation, ignore the top part, the alien navigation is device to allow them to decide which planet in galaxy they want to travel and able to reach their in many light speed

the concept sketch for the alien room where after the aliens decided to migrate to earth and make their new colony there, the center sits the alien navigation

other updates, mom is coming back on saturday and i going to meet one of my ex classmate from toa to have yumcha 2moro at 2 pm, Fly studio startt up programme  delay to april this year, wonder if ever will get any reply from them 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

psy in penang

12 17 am

subang jaya, got some update which is ady long time ago. south korean k pop star PSy or Park Sei Jong was annouced to come to penang as guest to sing his famous song Oppa Gangnam Style, during cny.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

back from penang

1 42 pm

back form penang, in my house now in subang, got my house keys and car key back yumcha with foo and mroe S17 high school friends and paid streamyz bill.

next is upload more photos updated on wats happening in my life and then finally clean the house i visited many heritage site in penang other than celebrate cny there. it's good to know that penang keep many of the national history of the baba and nyonya and bumiputera heritage, i very sien to see british heritage already.

my grandma passed away 2 30 pm penang on 3/02/2013, she never make it to celebrate cny with her family,  I miss her alot, spend alot my childhood with por por, even now typing this i feel sad because it was my last moment with her. one thing i know is, i was sitting next to her befor she passed away, i will never forget that day.

many days after por's funeral we went to have steambot with family

family members and steamboat

family members eating steamboat

me and chang yin che, my cousin sister from US, after 2 years i didn't see her we finally meet again at penang for cny.

having yee sang on cny time

me and my nephew olliver from yong side of family

me and my nephew olliver from yong side of family, hehe he's so cute

many days after por por's funeral she is placed in the penang temple, her place next to kong kong, she is in peace and better place now, i know she is happy to have live and passed in penang.

the place where por por is buried

one of the heritage side in penang

baba and nyonya heritage side

inside baba and nyonya heritage side

2nd floor of baba and nyonya heritage side

we burn money to por por

view of baba and nyonya from 1st floor

one of the chinese heritage side

another photo from baba and nyonya heritage side

one of the photo from main gate and heritage side in place called Kah Si Sek Tex

Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY 2013

6 51 am

i finalyl have time to upload photos to my blog, photos of cny with family members, this is wat i wanted to celebrate with family and be happy. also had a ching ming with my kong kong and por por

cny dinner 2013 with family at CRC

cousins from US, Australia

cousin and relative

whole family

yee sang

ching ming

I am leaving back to subang on wednesday, thinking to clean up my house before mom get back, throw ou rubbish and wash laundry, pay streamyx bill then finally re apply for job again at silver ant, after that see if ca get reply from fly studio.

post cny

12 10 am

hello, it's post cny now and i'm just updating somethings in my blog, much later today i will upload new photos to my blog, but further updates, psy is in Penang and singing his songs and I am returning to subang by next wednesday to clean up my house and prepare to email silver ant again.


Monday, February 4, 2013

6 44 pm 星期二

6 45 pm

now currently at penang at por's funeral with other family members, latest update is few more family members will arrive and then do more prayer. I got updated email from silver ant, they said to re aply again after cny for interview and test and they will re arrange the interview time again.

although i not sure if they will reply i still got fly studio startup programme. meanwhile i will be in penang for sometime, i am not doing much 3d modeling at moment, just stop just abit until i got energy to turn on my artist mode.