Thursday, October 25, 2012

now what?

11 02 pm

my last job interview yesterday i think, and i also took a modeling test, modelled a gun in 1 hour, thats the fastest speed i did in my life lol, wat else can i share, hm, i think thats all lah this week.

ouh and 1 more sharing after so man years of study and some few years of working before i can make a another point, to any artist or art students who are to learn art, i can advise you on this, pleasenever allow your parents to decide where you want to study or want you want to study if they relly never studied art before and have no proper background, if they plan anything for you without even understanding at all just reject wat they say. learn to argue back wit your parents or family members, sometimes wat they tell you can destroy your future and time you used.

reason i sharing this is because, in this time period, things are different from art it was before, parents were sometimes not even started as artist with totally no understanding what they are even talking about and lack any knowledge, they dun even know the meaning of the word art foundation like wat our friends, juniors, seniors and even frends from other competiting college learn during our foundation year. And they are daring to tell you wat to study and where to go.

they can have right to tell you if too expensive and find a cheaper college but logically dun allow them to make decision for you, you can actually understand now I told my family off many times telling them how stupid they are saying things like "I understand how your life is", "Yes i know" or even "I understand how work is", apparently those replies i repeat to them saying they are still stupid and do not listen.

it's very simply logic, macam cooking, anyone can cook relly, they just need to start by cooking rice other than maggie mee, then to frying simple food like vegetable, fish, meat, followed by parwn and finally able to make a dish. unfortunately my family members do not understand this simple logic and that can almost destroy your life ahead.

I'm not saying I am fully,right, but I'm sharing that be sure when to accept oppinion from people who know what they are talking about and those who simple talk stuff and have totally no understanding, very simply actually, a policemen protect and serve the community and does their job, they know their job, when a policitian can just hold a meeting talk cock, and get attention, you dun even know if got any truth coming from their mouth.

yah, just it

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