Tuesday, October 16, 2012


it 12:03 pm i wake up abit later today

hm latest update I got rejected by lemonsky tv, and i got reply from moon fx they asked me to email more stuff to them, sketches and drawings, I had to be sure what to send to them, i take at least 2 days to refine my artwork, but I dun think will have any reply, in fact i didn't expect moon fx to reply me at all.

they ask for industry work but i have no industry work, I could use some industry experience and work again but I got feeling they are getting more strict so in the end either I cannot get any more experience or I am forced not to go for interview anymore.

okei so I got 3 companies down and 5 more to go, I'm going to asume egg story and moon fx will cut soon because when get no reply for long time I won't wait anymore. next is I will just refine previous work and email over to last 3 companies I have in my list, after this i'm not sure wat other option i got.

my last fight

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