Saturday, April 2, 2011

plan ahead

is 2 24 am, now I at lab doing my walk cycle, trying to finish the blocking by next week, that is my little plan for my demoreel.

but now I got another plan, that is to prepare better animation for my demoreel. I had asian dinner asian party last night with my neighbours on campus Hok Eng and lim sun, good to be able to eat mized asian food with asian families.

makes me feel warm to have asian family here, like never before, I taken the photos and plan to upload soon, while taking those photos I felt abit weird situation there I swear I felt like last year, jesus, I hope it's not me acting again.

but I got better stuff this time to post up, I got the chance to paint again my tablet about some value studies I can post in here. just to show my art foundation not yet dead.

some quick value studies of environment, pretty soon I will post some stuff I did on lip sync, currently blocking animation for a walk cycle. I got a little plan, around 25th april I will go down to auckland to stay for 5 days, I will ask tung or isaac to come down with me or anyone that interested if not then I will go on my own, I bring my laptop with me to do work also, I will try and ask Kelsey or taka san to see if either of them can fetch me or pick me up from auckland to return to campus when term break end see how things go.

other than that, I will lsit down what I need to prepare for my job application.

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