Monday, April 25, 2011

1 week holiday

auckland, 5 10 pm, 1 week holiday at campus snell beach, I finally have time to type out stuff on this blog to show I am still alive at new zealand and not dead yet.

this week is simple, lifeway college arrange a bus trip to albany and auckland city for international and local student, bus trip is free. I kena wait until maybe thursday for auckland trip I hope that jun kor is ready to fetch me from the city.

just this 1 week I spend time at campus doing my animation, eat, sleep , youtbube and play games. also I need to remember to do my IRD number sohai man. next thing is I will upload a personal animation I plan last year but never started until my holliday now, I uploading and share it here abit later.

nothing else to talk

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