Sunday, December 16, 2012

CF 2012

5 50 am Subang Jaya

okei it's early in the morning and i got some updates good and bad

bad news is when i was doing the texture for my japanese house, my pc restarted and my whole japanese house the maya file crash and got technical problem, in the end i failed to open up the file and lost all the models and textures( i failed to follow previous lesson on keep save different file name with number)

so now I managed to restore my maya file, i have to try open up the last uv's and then can finish texture all by 2moro. sigh now good news, i am going to cf by this saturday to check out wat codemasters and fly studio is sharing about, if I am lucky i get to built more industry connection and ask about any training programme they have, maybe 1 more thing next year i can try apply for Rhythm and hues modeling job position, see if I can get anything.

again not expect anything

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