Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Japanese house

10 57 pm

okei, it's evening time at here and just some quick update, roughly completed my japanese house after sepnd nearly 4 weeks working on it, take forever but at least i am finish. next left is continue to do concept art for my trailer project.

here is the the final rough render

and here is the concept art for one of my trailer, it's one of the concept art scene

i keep working on both on and off, since i am not working yet i have plenty time to do personal project. so while doing the rendering i was working to see if i can still remember how to do normals in z brush and amazing it still works. I dun wan to feel lansi but i am becoming good at modeling, texturing and some lighitng, maybe animation still can have time to improve my animation principles.

i will make a modeling, texturing and lighting reel soon, before i submit my reel to fly studio, R&H and codemasters.

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