Wednesday, June 19, 2013

family time and more updates

3 42 pm

haih peoplelove wants to 2nd interview me in July, they mentioned job offer letter and contracts, finished my so called lousy modeling test with them and email them over, anyway forget that, i need to continue modeling my goblin and aircraft I wanna to use it for modeling reel. i believe i am damn good in modeling and animation, just that i convinced myself that i was only good at one.

this the the modeling test i did, it's not much, but it's haha my test modeling something for retail outlet. i wanted to model the light shapes more, it have interesting and dynamic shapes.

today i'm going to watch epic with mom, going to study more cartonny animated movement and the models. learn something, but before that need to buy lunch to eat, i didn't eat yet. I'm going to be one of the competitves one's out there.

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