Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MEF 2011 goal

it's 2 30 pm afternoon time, and I am writing again in this blog of mine, half a month before I shud leave for new zealand. thign I got to prepare this week so next week I can settle mroe important stuffs.

1. reformat my laptop
2. pack anything important for my studies there, other than the books I will bring with me, denitely not my whole room.
3. meet up with a few more friends b4 leaving for new zealand, now i'm thinking, most my high school friends already fled to overseas, some still here then maybe I can meet with them 1 more time before I away for a whole year and maybe half a year because I foresee I will work there for a moment before I return to m'sia. I'm thinking now, I wanna ask another friend of mine out for lunch since I known her nearly a year, the main question is whether I would confess that I like her, sounds stupid to me but can't help it if the words escape my mouth, expect to be rejected again but I can get used to it.

4. open up a fixed deposit in rhb after closing off my maybank account but keeping the main rhb account open when I return cuz I need it! I will return to m'sia to work anyway, i suspect I won't get my PR at new zealand even if I got my damn demoreel.

now for the last thing I want to talk is this, an article I read in online news in star newspaper, mentioning about Malaysian Employment fund, there economic plans for year 2011, helping graduates secure jobs, decreasing unemployment rate from reaching unwated levels and offering local graduates higher wages, paying wages based on fixed income and half based on performance, in the last couple of years when I was working fulltime in advertising as motion graphics designer in ATL, my salary was only myr 1100 - 1300 , but the job I was offered as junior 3d animator offered at myr 2000, that's myr 700 more, well, still have to deduct, EPF, socso and other things anyway. This time they increase wages for employee than before.

can imagine than before this alot of m'sians been sogging and hating all the bosses, yah I hated mine, not for the salary but for not qualified display of leadership, management skills and people skills. Who pays more isn't the priority now to me, I only worry about that after I complete my studies at Lifeway college, then I can start thinking about fulltime work, company training, career growth, work culture, learning ability and attitudem responsibility, commitment and then finally salary, this is all important.

okei end of writing

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