Thursday, June 14, 2012


is 5 20 pm at library

wow, is so cold outside like 1 mins and i'm already cold this winter making me tired and sleepy, i feel like everytime i go home no energy liao, just want to sleep when i wake up is already 8 pm, not sure if got energy to cook annot. so maybe later 5 something i decide maybe i will da bao to eat at home or will cook, maybe i will cook lah.

fukk just damn tired wei, latest news is my classmate jason douglas come back from chirstchurch, he looking for job here now.

今天外太冷阿认为现在是冬天我足额每天内temperature有欢,我朋友现在旁来auckland州工他是要在games还是regular company.我想阿。

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