Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Huhu studios

12 33 pm, epsom auckland. I applied for job at huhu studios on 18 dec last yerandthey finally give me reply this year jan 11, wow some time man. my job application kena rejected, but tat is okei, I tot to myself dun want to apply there anyway before but I still apply.

thing is tat at first i worried that got no replies so huhus reply 1st it's okei, I welcome rejected reply anyway, Imight expet same from other company sent to. at least got some reply is all i want to hear, next is company reject me until I get some news they want me take some test or they want see more work.

I apply at huhu studios, digipost, yukfoo, albedo fx, oktobor, gameloft(no more animation job)cirkus and other company i forget.

after tat I stop applying dy, the rest is up to them la. last choice I go back KL and apply the job there, oh I also wanna share something else here, small exercise I do in animation for fun I keep sharin at my blog.

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