Tuesday, August 24, 2010


9 37 am, just been reading up online news lately, and the latest highlights I read really made me felt abit sorry after I read the article with the link here http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/8/25/nation/6914126&sec=nation

I actually felt sorry for this people that were forced to do begging here even if I felt that they were stupid enough to fall for any small syndicate tricks. why I felt sorry for them was not because they made a stupid decision, it was because some of them were in their late 40's, 50's or maybe near 80's and they arrived in m'sia under false visa's and documents, stripped off what they own, dress in rags like they don't even have any dignity in them and had to beg in m'sia just survive their hard time here.

Some of them have probably been very poor before in their own country that they have to do the same thing here, how would you feel if you went to either rich or poor country and still see yourself begging? it's feels so fucked up right? especially when you're all grown up, your limbs are still able to move, still able to open your mouth to speak and still have the ability to produce electric impulse in the brain and yet allowed such a thing like this to happened to themselves? it's just so fucked up and sad!

normally I would not be bothered bout this matters until it exploded like a nuclear bomb in the star online, starting from bangladesh, pakistan and then finally Chinese nationals from china that landed here claiming they had lucrative job offers! jesus come on la! do you even think a m'sian will fall for that kind of trick? we already have got enough fucking syndicates in this country and cheats that we should not be stupid enough to fall for something like this.

So far this news seem to just makes me feel sad that m'sia has turned into a begging opportunity ground for Indian,Pakistan, Bangladesh and surprisingly Chinese Nationals, so who the hell else is interested in begging in M'sia??! or are you really that poor and stupid as well as physically and mentally uncapable of handling yourself and your life that you got to allow yourselves to let the syndicates control your life and force you to beg that you can't think for your own? fine it's your body! but humans didn't exist in this world for no damn reason! we have brain and body that makes us capable of certain things so for fuck sakes! fucking use it!

next update, the fish character rigging is almost complete with the front 2 tentacle things left to paint weight with final checking before I consider making sketches for pose study. more updates soon XD

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