Sunday, August 22, 2010


8 25 pm, now after sleeping the whole day because of my muscle pain and soarthroat, urgh, now I just need some water and panadol to keep my throat under control.

so here's some update.

1. installed Open Office org 3.2 on my laptop, it's free source so I shud be able to fully use it to type out any documents and change my resume from time to time or even write out out ideas for stories. conditional part is that I have t install Java on my damn laptop 1st then onyl I can use open office, anyway, might as well make copies to my ext hd just in case I need it for future use without dl ing it again.

2. going to continue with character rigging tonight of the koi fish then I can do some playblast 2moro to see how the movement fels and looks like, that make more changes later.

3. Made arrangements to go down to Singapore wit foo and yohan on 3rd september for 3 days and 2 nights, at least we get to do some window shopping there, 1st time we 3 ever gone on vacation.

4. Going to meet up with a friend 2moro, haven't spokoen to him in like 2 months. collect my semester reports and upgrade my AMD 64 Athlon 3d card and monitor as well as obtain a Starcraft 2 from Jian, hopefully I can still make my new demoreel while playing starcraft 2.

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