Monday, July 5, 2010


it 4:43 am in the morning and I'm fully awake after spending a whole night, almost a whole night sleeping after contributing some photography effort to viral campaign, the making of photos, better than nothing at least.

i will put op the photos someday, plan to get a muffin later for breakfast.

just read the star online news articles and some parts of it made me think abit more about my future and some parts of it made me feel so annoyed and pissed about what is wrong with m'sia today, and it's so early in the morning and I want to write stuff like dis already, nvm I will just put up links and the whole world can just read this stuff out from the source.

this a link about retirement for civil servants in concerninig between age 50 - 60, mostly covering civil servants, I just wonder, what the hell about the citizens? do we not matter? probably as usual we fight for our own-

a link about a young boy that survived a car accident yet was runned over by a car in attempt? this news is abit odd but it damn annoys me about what m'sia is really becoming - although I was hoping we can stay and finish it together as a group but if you both relly need to go pls go ahead.

off to buy muffins later and more uv wraps

as for more updates, both group members jia yung and sheena have confirmed with me that they are leaving for teeside in september, not sure when in september but they plan to rush everything and fly there but I will stay and complete the trailer and the full animation

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