Tuesday, July 6, 2010


it's 4 45 am in the morning and I fresh and fully energized, around 5 am I will be out to get breakfast for both me and mom, today I will be painting something for the graduation exhibition about half the day then I can move unto to opening UV maps for andrea wan.

lol I hate to even bother starting my morning's with any work but wat to do, work is work and play is play.I will probably attend gaming tournament today for awhile before I go back to painting, therefore I decided to reuse my speed paintings and just finish them.

case 2, esther spoke with me lately about her and her bf, feel quite sorry for her because she's such a good gal and she was afraid no one wants her. I'll be there if you need me gal, no worries

case 3, I plan to work on my demoreel again after graduation campaign and exhibition is over when this whole bloody term is over so I can focus on my animation skills and also further plan my future ahead.

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