Monday, September 26, 2011

next holiday

11 40 pm at snells beach

i am doing work at nightm maybe late work for my final project, i not sure what time would i be sleeping, let's hope it's not so late. but got something I will type about.

1. next month I am going to stay with che at wellington on working holliday
2. final project going on
3. I'm think I am going crazy with another problem
4. finish my short animation!

my final project is fine, I am doing it bit by bit, if I rush I will make mistake, so I will finish wat I can finish tonite and start wit animation blocking 2moro. the rest well move just smooth, another thing is, I'm have a feeling I might kao her

hm Zhang Lu Lu, 23 years old, from shenyang China, lifeway student at new zealand, my friend for 1/2 now and what else I know about her? well it's not easy to trust anyone, here I will upload photos of the girls I am closest to

taken somehere early this year

photo taken after Sem 1 holliday

photot aken at reunion party

haha can recent photo of her fooling around

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