Wednesday, September 17, 2014

backbone entertaiment

4 25 am

latest updates, I have an offer from backbone entertaiment as animator when i was planning to apply for modeling position, i think right now it's better to meet the requirements/needs for my industry and not be stubborn.

the managing director interviewed me 2nd time and offered me a job letter and contract with 6months probation as see how it goes from there. so for now, i am accepting it and do what i do best, in the meantime I must also think about playing with rigs and plan for future again. since it's not predictable and keeps changing.

my working day starts on 1st october and i will just hope someone will be there to show me how things work around there in their studio. i met 2 supervisors, one indonesian and 1 m'sian used to be from go academy.

more updates later

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