Monday, March 24, 2014

25th march 2014

12 pm

i think about nearly 2 months will pass since i left gancho studios and and my own at the current moment, s here is some updates.

1. i was offered a 2d animators in joove animation and i'm probably going to respond by today about when i can start, chances are that i didn''t reply in almost a week, the position will be offered to someone else almost by now.

2. recently had interview yesterday at kelana jaya at mirayi, interviewed by indian national. i feel i'm will be rejected at this company either way

3. going to penang from 27 until 28, i relly dunno what the hell I am going to do there, chances are I might back down because I don't see how helpfull I am.

4. my aunt had a stroke as in coma stage right now.

i just wonder what happens next

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