Saturday, May 1, 2010


it's 7:06 pm, I never felt more than annoyed before in my life and slightly dissappointed, but I'm glad I got rid of some heavy burden on my mind.
anyway I can move on now,I attened phenomena 75 and I think it was great, to meet up with jason loh, johnny tai and the rest again, all the familiar faces, I will post up the pictures real soon, and some stuff I did for my group final project(Rasierblair, our group name).
I will need pick up my mother from KLIA later,aiyah! need to ta yao also stupid, maybe I won't need to ta yao at all anyway screw it la.
next week will be joining darren, johnny marianne and some others for some iron man 2 fun, hopefully it will be as funny as always. other than that end of blog

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