Saturday, August 9, 2014

latest update

6 33 pm

another saturday and wondering next what will happen, well here is next updates

1. been rejected by lemonsky after completing their test, i kind of expected that anyway, nothing less, that will be the last time i apply to lemonsky.

2. sook me kuan from codemaster contacted me again urging me to go over to their office for interview practise but i updated her with the surprising news that MDEC never shortlisted me for interview in first place and my status was showing shortlisted in their website.

3. i applied to glow production, no idea what will happen after that, also applying to streamline somewhere around  this week, need to prepare my next reel.

4. just learn to render in z brush, all it took was a click of a button in z brush and wasn't so difficult >.<, anyway here is a what i learned

and more to come! stay tune!

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