Thursday, November 25, 2010

cut off

okei, Im writing something here for real, it's not about m'sia, its not about anything stupid but, it's about the value of friendship which I think is really important in life which I find it that sometimes most ppl undervalue or fail to understand it or do not know how to fucking appreciate it.

3 things have already happened to me this year in my life about friendship that have dissappointed me, and really pissed me of like never before and I have to avoid skinning your ass alive during this time period because I got more important things to handle, so let me just say this alright?

friends are people who are part of our everyday life, they make part of your life, there to teach you, there to learn beside you, understand you and help you when they feel your troubles, friends are also the ppl who don't fucking give up on you and they never turn their back on you when you fell down and need a hand to get the fuck back up on your feet.

they are trustworthy people who deserve your respect and patience and most of all some of your attention! I find it that I was hurt so many times already that sometimes these poeple who are just friends who just show up in your life out of nowhere and then decide to not even know you or get along but ignore you because they think you somehow don't deserve to be even talking to them? these type of friends to me I have met and known many times and really don't deserve any type of friendship at all! they are nothing more than worthless scumbag!

so again let me remind everyone one more time, "seriously, I appreciate my friends, also family , relatives and cousins, because they make a part of my life! wherever I am whenever I am!! they teach me something I can learn and they never gave up on me, and I never want to give up on them! you are also worth more than money to me! but if you're the type that will not value friendship and simple treat it like it's rubbish and be that fucked up and hurt others and me, I promise you, do not meet me or or even bother to know me! do not even introduce yourself to me or other friends of mine! I don't want to fucking know you! I don't want to understand you! I don't want to fucking even bother with your worthless life or your troubles! I don't even fucking care if you live or die! fuckers like you are just way lower than even rubbish!

I do mean it! if I sense you are that sort of person I won't mix with you, because I tolerated this for long enough. GET IT?! good hopefully in the next thread I have something more better to talka bout 8D

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