Friday, December 26, 2008


Okay, I have not written anything for quite awhile, probably because I have absolutely nothing to say but now I have words to express. it's been another hectic year, and hectic time during the past couple of months. my studies , wow took a toll over me in time and commitment as well as money for stationary, felt like I spend over RM 1000 on stationary.

Also I spotted ptptn interview at college, so I was wondering, shit, how come I didn't know they were in college that day without me being aware at all? wasted, too bad, besides, I need to find out where to get the application form so I myself can apply. Next year is still a long time to go @#$!

I delayed my exam probably for 2 weeks to give myself time to study, I sacrificed study time for that, it was an important decision, either fail the semester or fail the exam, sucks right? but I made up my mind. And since I submitted my redo for final I'm on holiday now, will have to return to college to get my results on like the 30th, darn, that s just 1 more day before new years.

meanwhile I'm gonna share something more interesting, photos on Japanese Culture which few I will upload in couple days time, it's called Bon Odori, lol I'm surprised some of my teachers here don't know that even Malaysia promotes Bon Odori as a cultural understanding between Malaysia and Japan.

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§nóflèk said...

heyhey chienyih! wow you're blogging in japanese - tabik you la... hehe! but i think you're making great progress esp now you're in advance class. will you be taking the jlpt anytime soon??