Wednesday, April 3, 2013


9 59 pm

okei some updates, i sucess to finish my art test and resubmit it to streamline studio email, what happens after that i relly dunno, but news is i recently learn that lemon sky is hiring for cg artist so i going to give it 1 more try. below is wat i did

above pic is my personal project picnic, its going to be for my reel, hoping to finish by this month

above is the modeling and texturing test for streamline studio, i did it wrong previously so they asked me to re do it properly this time, only this time i will put into my reel and maybe fit in some other props and background.

what a month, thanks to all this interviews and test i learn that probably modeling and lighting will become my strenght like before, I will accomplish my new reel and get myself into lemon sky.

last note, i relly miss lulu zhang

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