Saturday, April 6, 2013

so fedup

3 01 pm

hm i been hearing about alot of complains back here lately ever sice i come back to malaysia, economy, education, govement administration, money, politicians, well politicians i can udnerstand lah, they behave like total retards on tv and video and are always looking after their image.

but to most m'sians i would like to say this, some of you mention you plan to migrate to overseas because you think you can get better, education, maybe even benefit and social benefit there, but you shud ask yurself , gave you yourself been  to the overseas? studied overseas befor, worked overseas or even lived than and feel happy, how do you know if the benefit can give you anythign and can stay happy there? in fatc are you relly so serious enough to migrate overseas? you can as long as you know that it's where you will be happy and can make a life for yourself and your family? overseas is different form Malaysia,  i'm not saying from tourist point of view, tourist only see the surface of the country how everything looks like from outside but never seen more indepth stuff like cost of living, affordable homes, jobs that can be gotten, social welfare and who can get them, wat type of education there is and whether it's suitable, economy there how is it like? political stability? yes even overseas isn't safe place, you don't know that.

no one should simply assume overseas education is better , safer and better quality of life than here, it's unfair to say it's better than malaysia, whether you lived there before or not, they thing is that it's only different from our country, different culture, language, work life, different education, goverment system, law, trade, different set of law and even different mindset from out typical malaysian mindset. i honestly think every malaysian looks down on our country alot and didn't appreciate what we have enough. if you think that our coutnry is very corrupted, unorganized, and going back to hell, you shuld really visit mynamar, burma, and the poor countries in africa, they look like they are living back in the middle ages wei, they are many years even behind vietnam and thailand, it's like a nation that cannot look after itself. seriously do youtube vidoes about them and try to think of your situation. go watch the movie called The Lady abotu Aung San Syuu Ki, the burmese women who married a british husmband and have 2 sons who return to burma to make change, you will understand that you have more rights than you actually asked for, where their own nation was run by an army and they have no rights at all.

i'm telling this only because i lived overseas and studied overseas before, i don't relly think like a typcial malaysian anymore, i'm tired of this old way of thinking, it's better to move forward than start to keep pushing peopel and insisit life here is not as suitable like we think

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