Thursday, May 16, 2013


4 45 pm

yesterday have recent interview at games company at aizo digital at cyberjaya, missed it before and forgot to apologise, real stupid, i'm at another point decision in my life now, either i can find a place for myself or retreat temporary, because not making any progress.

anyway i'm back at the hotel, feels good to be in air cond once inawhile, i'm was told from my interview with aizo boss that i have to check my email somewhere this week but all my interviews with game companies end same way never reply. i think i will re try silver ant, and lemon sky just once more.

if there is one thing i would have wanted to do, i wold have all this skill back at 2006, and teach myself that there different type of boss but didn't realise it yet. look at me, still a bum without a job and trying my best until with no progress, i have taste of my own medicine 2 days ago and it's making me think very hard, i dun mind working at selset, if ah yee can trust me, or a part time in some cafe, i'm sure i cant get any freelance.

i think wat happens after all this just will continue, I dunno again wat will happen, but i hope this year dun go so bad so plans for now

continue helping mum at office, do my wireframe renders and uzi guns, other than that if i'm back to square 1 i'm switching temporary

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