Saturday, November 30, 2013

further updates

8 12 pm

it's been a 3 months since I have been working at ganchos studios, as 3d artist, been more than a year since i returned from auckland, and so far I have found myself a position in a bumiputra startup company where i contribute to the country and economy, aint's it great?

I have further updates of whats happening in my life at moment other than just work therefore i could share the photos here, just recently only I have gone to the pagoda in KL with my family to offer prayers to my grandma, ye - ye and my dad, and burn money and offer food XD

the money we burned, there was more than this

food as invitation and offering

my family from the tham side

burning the money to them after some ceremony

and so forth the next update is my technical director bought himself a ps4 and plays games in the office, i decided to take a photo of it below

hehe apparently my co workers were also interested in the ps4 XD

the latest development is now ganchos has an office cat, probably from a neighbour, it was outside the office and decided to come in, everyone was playing around with him, he probably likes it here and will be coming everyday in fact he might decide to shift here XD, it's lucky that it's artistic work environment where he is acceptable and liked here, a corporate type of environment would have been the opposite, either way i'm glad the are good ppl here XD

other developments are my managing director ghazi have informed me that the following week there will be a new intern by the name of Chui yee coming in and interested to learn modeling, he asked me to take her under my guidance, it's the first time I ever had an intern to handle that reminds me of the time when i myself was an intern.

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