Saturday, April 24, 2010


final presentation just ended today and here I am, at home typing out this blog when I actually could be out there telling her how I felt about her. I shud consider cleaning up my room and worktable 2moro, it's like a total mess. didn't go to darren's church today because i was too tired after that, helped ultraman do his shopping with clothes.
this sem I was able to help those that needed help but that one thing I want is a moment to be with rachel. I meant to invited her out for lunch but she needs a moment with her family understandable, she spend alot of time filming and she needs that break, even after my final presentation sunday afternoon wasn't possible. gotta try and talk to her sometime next week.
pretty soon I will explain what me and my group did for final project and upload some artwork we did with an animatic, for us it was a group effort eveb with all th eshotgun bullets coming at us. next term shud have to be our last term but I believe we might be staying for awhile longer b4 we are going to finish, back to taking freelance work again. sigh

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