Friday, January 28, 2011


alright, it's 1 24 am now, and I'm still awake, that's because I sleep early again sigh.

meeting with my junior 2moro for yumcha, saying a last goodbye to anyone else that is here, now to upload the 2nd storyboard title for now is called "Ninja Scroll", previously Shinobi Story, yah typical rite? in fact the story itself is already typical but with simple objective, I dun want anything more complex XP

storyboard 02 page 01

storyboard 02 page 02

storyboard 02 page 03

storyboard 02 page 04

storyboard 02 page 05

storyboard 02 page 06

storyboard 02 page 07

storyboard 02 page 08

alright, anyone can complain it's that long ass storyboard because got 8 storyboard panels, but it just a rough storyboard to get the visual idea out, things will change when I create that world in CG meaning that there are some things I must change or some stuff I might add in to get the look to feel right, while planning for that, I will gather any kind of refference to build this story in CG together with production artwork to cover the whole process.

got all my refference for animation ready. Side projects I am doign now is just simple sketches, some paintings and animation practise, after all I'm specializing in CG Character Animation, just not sure who will hire in future and wat sort of projects I will involve in

other updates, after packig and landing at auckland, won't be online for awhile, wil be celebrating CNY 2011 with my junior Isaac and my relatives, maybe after that I will upload the 3rd storyboard, release some production art but finalize maybe not

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